What are the tips for purchasing a proximity sensor?

For different material samples and different detection distances, different types of proximity sensors should be used to make them have a high performance-price ratio in the system. The following Shenwu sensor manufacturers introduce you to the skills of purchasing proximity sensors?
The selection of proximity sensors should follow the following principles in the selection:
1. When the test object is a metal material: a high-frequency oscillating proximity sensor should be used. This type of proximity sensor is sensitive to detection of iron-nickel and A3 steel samples. For aluminum, brass and stainless steel samples, the detection sensitivity is low.
2. When the test object is a non-metallic material: Capacitive proximity sensors such as wood, paper, plastic, glass and water should be used.
3. For long-distance detection and control of metal and non-metal: photoelectric proximity sensor or ultrasonic proximity sensor should be used.
4. When detecting body metal but the sensitivity is not high: use a low-cost magnetic proximity sensor or Hall-type proximity sensor.