Application of high pressure proximity sensor principle

The high-pressure proximity sensor is widely used in life. It is mainly used in the fields of booster cylinder, supercharger, gas-liquid booster cylinder, gas-liquid booster, press, compressor, air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. This is because the high-voltage proximity sensor is a sensor that uses pressure to convert to an electrical signal output, and the electrical test instrument in the pressure measuring instrument is usually a high-voltage proximity sensor. The following Shenwu sensors share the application of the principle of high voltage proximity sensors.
1. Applied to hydraulic system: The pressure sensor is mainly used to complete the closed-loop control of the force in the hydraulic system.
2, applied to the safety control system: pressure sensors are often used in safety control systems, the main area of ​​focus is the air compressor's own safety management system.
3, used to promote sleep: put the pressure sensor in the underground of the mattress, the pressure sensor will induce the related actions of turning over, heartbeat and breathing, the sensor will analyze this series of information, and then through the analysis of the sensor, and finally all the data Processing a piece of music into a segment can of course compress one night's sleep into a few minutes of music.