What is a light sensor and a proximity sensor?

Light sensor: The brightness of the screen of the mobile phone can be adjusted according to the light of the environment in which the mobile phone is located.
Related knowledge: The light sensor is composed of two components, the light projector and the light receiver. The light is focused by the lens by the light projector, transmitted to the lens of the light receiver, and then to the receiving sensor, the receiving sensor will receive The light signal is converted into an electrical signal, and the telecommunication signal can further perform various switching and control actions. The basic principle is to use the signal obtained by shielding the light between the light receivers to complete various automations. control.
Proximity sensor: Calculates the distance to an object by measuring the time interval by transmitting a particularly short time and measuring the time from the emission of the light pulse to the reflection of the object. That is, for example, when you answer the phone and your face is close to the screen, the screen will be off and will light up when you leave the screen.
The magnetic loss caused by the eddy current generated on the surface of the conductor is detected by the influence of an external magnetic field. A method of detecting an impedance change caused by an eddy current generated by a metal body of the body by detecting an alternating magnetic field in the detecting coil.