What are the main applications of proximity sensors?

A proximity sensor is a device that is capable of detecting the distance between two objects and controlling or driving an actuator according to preset limits. Therefore, it has a wide range of uses in many fields. Next, what are the main applications of proximity sensors?
1 used in aviation and aerospace technology to avoid collision of flying objects;
2 in daily life, such as automatic doors of hotels, restaurants, garages;
3 In terms of security and theft, such as data files, accounting, finance, museums, vaults, etc., usually equipped with anti-theft devices consisting of various proximity switches;
4 In measurement technology, such as length, position measurement; in control technology, such as displacement, velocity, acceleration measurement and control, also use a large number of proximity sensors.
The proximity sensor makes a function that is set by using the sensing capability. It is also a new technology and a new method. It is used in the industrial and agricultural, electronics, and pharmaceutical industries, and because of its high temperature and radiation resistance, it is applicable. Extremely strong, able to pass, the surrounding temperature feels the feeling of surrounding objects, and the same type of sensor feel, to produce influence, interaction, is also widely used in the case of electrostatic capacity type.